Ever Heard Of Udon? Seriously, You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

4th of December 2016

Today we went to a very special type of school. Udon School! No, seriously I’m not joking.

In case you’re wondering, Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine.

They are usually served in soups, cold or hot depending on the weather. Believe me, it’s delicious!

At Udon school, we were taught how to make them by hand. It sure was an interesting experience.

The process is as follows.

We got given a piece of dough, and we pressed and rolled and cut, and soon there was a pile of raw noodles ready to be eaten.

After we had made the noodles, we put them in in bowls for later. Next, we were given a bowl with flour and some saltwater. We mixed the flour and salt water together, thus making the dough.

Next, we put the dough into a thick plastic bag, and we had to step on the mixture for a while, take it out and fold it in half put it back in, and repeat. This happened several times, and then, we were left with some dough, ready to be taken home and eaten. Delicious!

With the noodles we had made before, we went to the dining room, and we had them for lunch! You eat udon with a special soy sauce called Dashi, and baby spring onion. Believe me, it’s delicious.

After the udon school, we went for a walk to see to shrines in the mountain. There were several of them, the path twisted up the mountain. You never knew when you were going to see another structure.

They were magnificent, as most shrines are. But did we come back with sore legs! Why? We walked up and down 1,300 steps of course! Yeah, when you’re no Olympic runner, it can be hard.

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