Q&A With Ajay

Hello, and welcome to my Q&A! Here, I answer any questions you want to be answered, from what is the meaning of life, to where I get my inspiration from. I love talking to people as much as I love writing.

So, go ahead, shoot me with as many questions as you like, and I’ll try my best to answer them!

Table Of Contents:

  • Who is Ajay Hayward?
  • Ask Me A Question!


Who is Ajay Hayward?

Well, that’s me! A pleasure to meet you.

I’m an amateur digital artist,  a world citizen, a coder, a tech nerd, and a huge foodie. I’m also an amateur filmmaker, a daydreamer, an LGBT Ally, and last but not least, a hardcore Star Wars Fan.

Oh, and I should probably mention the fact that, writing is my life, and I’m an author.

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Ask Me A Question!

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