Peach Airlines. I Know. It’s A Thing.

8th of January 2017

Today is the second day of trying to get to Taiwan. Part 1 is over, part 2 is just beginning.

Part 2 is taking Peach Airlines, (Yes, I know, strange name right!) to Taiwan. Luckily, the train line to the airport is the exact same train line that the closest station is on! Hooray for convenience!

So, we cleaned up the apartment, packed up all our things and soon were on the train, clickety-clackety through Osaka.

The funny thing is with Kansai Airport, is that it’s in the middle of the sea. No seriously, it is. Believe me, I’m not joking! Because all the space in Osaka was used up, they had to build an artificial island off the coast of Osaka.

When we arrived there, it was absolutely packed with people. We took a bus to Terminal 2 and bought some snacks for the plane, (If you want food they charge extra, and you have to pay extra for a window seat as well. Budget airlines, honestly!).

But seriously, they let us move around through the countries, so may as well deal with it.

We went through customs and immigration with all the diddly and squat they make you go through, we eventually arrived at the boarding gate. Hooray! We found a few seats and claimed rights to them before anyone else could.

I noticed what looked like an Asian couple who had the most amazing clothes, kind of like what Sara from Italy wears. We got on the plane, and it took off into the sky. It was one of those where there are three seats on each side, and Dad had 3 seats to himself!

Lucky him, quick, steal his seat while he’s not there. Well, it was okay because he actually got have a sleep. When we arrived in Taiwan, it felt stinking hot, a stark contrast to the freezing cold in Osaka. We went and found a taxi, and drove to our apartment.

Eric and Tom (our hosts) were really friendly and helped us settle in right away. Eric helped us buy some food, and took us to an outdoor market, which was really interesting.

There were all kinds of things for sale, from live frogs and turtles, (yeah, some people eat that), to unbelievably fresh pineapple. I watched in amazement as this older woman chopped up an entire pineapple in less than a minute.

She’d done it before. The pineapple was one of the sweetest I’d ever tasted.

We didn’t do much today, because we were so tired from all our travelling. Good night.

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