*Sings* On The Road Again…

Thurs 31st May 2018

The second day of our Australian Adventure! Today, we are in Narrandera, ready to go on the second leg that will get us to Canberra. We’ll be in for a trip of four hours and a bit so it won’t be too hard.
After getting a delicious breakfast to go from the Narrandera bakery, we were on the road again.

Along the way, we stopped in Gundagi, home of the Statue of the Dog On The Tuckerbox, where the inspiration for the Australia poem, Nine Miles From Gundagai came from. The inscription on the statue reads: In Memory Of Our Pioneers. I like the poem, it showcases how the Australian farming industry used to be.

If you want to read it, click here.

After a seemingly endless time in the car, I finally saw a sign on the roadside, Canberra, 10km. Finally, we were getting somewhere.

As we got closer into the city, I saw a few landmarks, like the Parliament House, the High Court of Australia, Lake Burley Griffin, which is named after the American Architect who designed Canberra’s layout, Walter Burley Griffin.

One thing I found quite interesting about the overall architecture, there aren’t that many skyscrapers. I mean, there are a few, but nowhere as many or as tall as Melbourne.

We arrived in Canberra late in the afternoon, around 4-5. Thanks to GPS, we found our apartment, which is in Narrabundah, a suburb of Canberra. We settled in quite comfortably, but then there was the question of food.

Luckily, we managed to find a supermarket, and gather up some supplies, enough to last us for a few days. We came back, performed our nightly routine, and before I knew it, I was settled in bed. I lay there for quite some time, thinking of all the things we might be able to see in Canberra.

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