Off On An Adventure – Again

Wed 19th Sep 2018 | Bus To Adelaide

I was woken up with a jolt, at 5 o’clock in the morning! I stumbled out of the room, ready to start the day. Well, almost. It would be worth it though. We were taking the bus to Adelaide and it left Mildura at 6 o’clock in the morning! Ugh, this wasn’t going to be my day.

We said goodbye to Nana and Pop, and I felt quite sad at leaving Mildura, but it was also good to be going overseas again. Well, you can’t have everything, can you?

The bus drove out of Mildura, and before I knew it had disappeared from the rearview mirror. A new chapter was about to begin. I settled back, watching the Mallee scrub fly past. I wouldn’t be seeing it for quite some time.

Before I knew it, we arrived in Renmark, ready to change over to the bus that would take us to Adelaide. Five and a half dragging hours later, we arrived at the Bus Station. It was great to be in Adelaide again. We found our apartment, and settled in.

Now there was the question of lunch, of course. Where would be the best place to get lunch at the Centre of Adelaide…. Come on, anyone? Central Market, obviously, c’mon guys. 🙂

One of the best places in Central Market, Lucia’s Spaghetti Bar, which has been going since the dawn of time. Well, since the creation of Central Market as we know it today. I had insanely good bacon and mushroom pasta, something that I hadn’t had for a long time.

Kid had pasta, Mum a pizza, and Dad, being the quintessential Australian man he is (Sure!) had a parmy!

We walked back to the apartment, me feeling decidedly full, and had a few hours rest. Dinner time came around, and we went out, again, (‘cause, you know, that’s what we do.) 🙂 We decided on Vietnamese, and I had one of the best Pho (a vietnamese soup with beef broth and noodles) I’ve ever had.

Seems like a good way to end our last night in Australia for a while. Tomorrow, we fly out.

Thurs 20th Sep 2018 | Plane Flight

I woke up after a peaceful sleep. (Which was a miracle, usually I’m so consumed with worry before a plane/bus trip that I can’t sleep.) Clearly the stars were aligned in my favour.

We had one last thing to do before we went. Buy a new computer. So off we went to JBHIFI, on a great quest.

3 hours later, and we had the stuff we wanted. Thank goodness, I was getting a bit sick of watching Jumanji – Welcome To The Jungle without any sound.

With all the shopping done, we decided to go and have lunch, at, you guessed it, the Central Market. This time, we bought Falfels! Funny, because I was feeling the need for something Middle Eastern.

The hours dragged on, and despite everything, I didn’t get stressed. Usually the lead up to “Travelling Days” left me an anxious emotional wreck. Maybe I’d done it enough times to be calmer this time. Before I knew it, we were on the taxi to the airport.

We made our way threw the first layer of security, the second, and now the passport control. Oh no. Thus my passport is christened, my terrible photo on the first of many registries. Some security officer’s gonna look at that and be like, okay, she must’ve been having a hard day.

By 9 o’clock at night, (when I should have been in bed, asleep) we had boarded the plane. But lo and behold, an empty seat sat next to Mum. The joy… Was quickly crushed when a guy came and sat down. But really, it would turn out to be more of a blessing than a curse.

(Except for Mum. The guy was 6”2, so goodbye legroom for her. Oh well.)

Turns out his name was Joel, and he was from Germany. The flight was to Doha, Qatar, and he was due for a connection to Frankfurt. Ours? Madrid. Turns out the reason for him being in Australia this time wasn’t so good. Said his sister had been in a car crash. She was alright, thank goodness.

He seemed very optimistic despite spending over a month in a hospital with her. I had to admire his strength. Mum and I had engaged in conversation with him for quite some time, when Mum asked him if he didn’t want to talk. What he said made me laugh.

“Well, I’ve got 14½ hours to fill in, so talk all you want.” Yeah, I think I was gonna need the conversation if I didn’t want to go insane with boredom

I achieved a milestone on that plane! For the first time in my short life, I’d managed to sleep on a plane for longer than a few minutes! Yeah. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but hey, I wasn’t going to end up as a walking zombie, so it was all good.

And thus the time dragged one. I tried to distract myself with the endless array of movies. The longest 14 ½ hours of my life. Period. Happens when you sit and do absolutely nothing. #firstworldproblems

We landed in Doha, @ 5 o’clock in the morning, their time. Said goodbye to Joel, and like that, disappeared off the plane. You know those times where you meet someone, because you’ve gone to the same event? Once that event is over, you’re never going to see them again.

Sometimes even the briefest of meetings can leave lasting impressions on people. I try to make a good one on everyone I meet. (If they can accept me for the scruffy, unconventional, jokey person I am.) 🙂

We were finally allowed back onto solid ground, and thus began the three hour wait for the next flight.

Airports. Planes. Waiting. Three words that go hand in hand.

Fri 21st Sep 2018 | First Day In Madrid

I don’t know, does the second flight count as Friday? On long-haul flights, how the heck are you supposed to know when days end and start? Oh well, I’m just going to go with it.

Annoyingly, the long rows of seats had armrests, so there was no way of stretching out for a real sleep. So I resorted to what any incredibly tired person would. I stretched out on the hard floor. There was no way you were keeping this one from a little rest.

The three hours ticked on steadily, until before I knew it, we were at the gate, standing around, waiting to be allowed entry. The interesting thing about Doha airport was there was security to even get into the airport area, even though we weren’t going to leave the place.

Oh well, guess in today’s day and age, they can’t be too careful.

We were on the plane again, this time a much more bearable length. Almost 7 hours. Half the time before, thank goodness! I didn’t need a sleep this time. Instead, I decided to pass the time productively, and I wrote stories nearly the whole way. I’d consider it a good use of time.

Time dragged on, despite trying my best to distract myself with writing and music, but I knew I had to patient. Finally, the bump nearly threw me out of my seat, and I knew after 25 hours, we’d finally reached our destination. Madrid.

But wait, back up. Don’t celebrate yet, we had to get to the apartment we were staying in first. I felt my chest deflate. Shouldn’t be too hard, though.

The Metro was a breeze, but when we tried to walk to the apartment, we got lost. Yeah, brilliant plan, especially when you’ve got seven bags between the four of you, and you’re a complete wreck. But the heavens opened, and a saviour came to our rescue.

It was a woman on a bike, and she gave us directions in Spanish. Thank goodness for her, otherwise we might’ve never found the place. We met up with the host, Francisco, and he explained everything. He left, and we did our nightly routine.

Then? What else? Bed!

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