Blink You’ll Miss It – Cultural Differences Between Australia & Spain

Thurs 4th Oct 2018 | 11th Day in Malaga

This is the second day in our new apartment in Malaga. One thing I can’t stop thinking about?
We’re only 5 mins walking away from the beach! Score! We moved in yesterday, and it’s been great so far.
Apart from the temperamental shower that insisted on changing temperatures every five seconds, but we won’t discuss that in detail. 🙂

We haven’t been doing anything interesting lately, but what I did want to talk about was the differences I’ve noticed between Australia and Spain. There are far too many to list, but I thought I’d give an interesting slice of the culture if I mentioned the fascinating ones.

Okay! Let me share the results of my observations and over-analysing! 🙂

#1 Everywhere you go, especially around lunchtime, something always smells good.
Yeah, unlike many places in Australia, which don’t seem to have a particular smell, you can always smell something terrific cooking around lunchtime. Dad and I often joke of knocking on the door and holding our plates out. 🙂

#2 Speaking of smells…
Spain seems to have a distinct scent, it seems most countries seem to have one. Australia seems to either smell of sea salt and something frying, or wet earth after the rain. Spain smells like a mixture of sea salt, cooked meat, and cigarette smoke. Yeah, nearly everyone smokes here.

3# The land of nooks and crannies
I swear, when you’re out walking, there are laneways, tiny doorways, alleys and streets everywhere! Everywhere you look, you’ll see something new. It’s kind of a blink and you’ll miss the tiny interesting details place, if you know what I mean.

#4 Uniformity isn’t a thing when it comes to Architecture.
For example in Adelaide, a lot of the high rise buildings look similar. Or if you’ve ever lived an apartment building, sometimes they want everyone to have the same type of curtains for uniformity. Well, none of that in Spain. It’s not as glaringly obvious as in Mexico, but still…

There’s a lot of single/two storey buildings sandwiched next to high rises, 50-year-old buildings next to ten. Another thing is that they don’t seem to tear an old building down to make room for it, they build around or on top of it. The result is a cobbled look, but very cool.

Unless you’re in a block of buildings, no two buildings look exactly the same.

#5 There’s a lot more churches here
I don’t know about you, but churches aren’t a very common sight in Australia, but here? They’re everywhere.
The country is predominantly Roman Catholic, so it would make sense.

#6 Umm… Bidet? No… Bidaaay
Yeah, another of the million words in English that aren’t pronounced as it’s spelt. This time being in Spain, and last time, I noticed something strange about the bathrooms in all the places we stayed. They all had these funny looking bowls with a tap.

Turns out they’re for washing your hindquarters… Anyway, they’ve more served as a tripper over for me, if you know what I mean.

#7 There’s No Real Parks
Spain isn’t exactly full of free open green space. Playgrounds are small structures sandwiched in between alleyways and small streets.

#8 Speaking of Parks… We’ve discovered an entirely new type!
We like to call them Gun Parks. It looks like a normal exercise park, but look closer. What you’ll find are a handful of shirtless, muscular guys working out. I saw an older man with snow white hair doing his crunches, he’d give a young thing a run for their money. 🙂

#9 Nearly everyone’s comfortable with their body
No societal rules about who wears bikinis here, all sorts of women wear them. No-one seems uncomfortable with wearing whatever they want to, which is great.

#10 Tiny Commercial Outlets Everywhere!
Everywhere you look, there’s a shop of some kind on nearly every corner. Usually an Alimentacion, which translates literally to “Feeding”, but it’s a convenience store. They are nearly on every streets.

Also a few random tidbits-
I’ve never seen so many TINY tiny dogs in my life!
There are bars and cafeterias everywhere
There are all sorts of ethnicities here, Africans, lots of Islamic women too.
So many preserved olives! I swear, I’m in heaven.

Also all the supermarkets have an onsite bakery where they make killer bread every morning. Enough said. Take my money already! 🙂

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