A Collection Of Poetry

Poem #1: A Place Unknown

We boarded a plane,
To a place unknown.
It was quite strange at first;
Nothing seemed like home.

It was quite traumatic for us;
Odd feelings, red eyes.
But then something happened,
And I changed my mind.

And I was far, from home;
And yet so happy.
Far from home,
From all I’ve known,
But so happy.


Poem #2: Be Kind Always

It doesn’t take much out of your day
And It isn’t very hard to give away

All it takes is some little thought
And You will be known as the friendly sort

Because there are people
that suffer every day
In every manner
Every way

So please, for their sake

Be kind, Always.


Poem #3: You Can Never Take It Away

You took everything away
Nearly ripping this soul apart
But you see, try as you might
You can never, ever
Take away my loyal heart


Poem #4: Why Would You Leave Me?

Left on the horizon
My life is an empty space
Why did they do this, to their only son?

I live here, out of place
One night, everything began to shift
Now I’m lost, stuck in the endless drift

Poem #5: The Hollow Shell of The World

Now I’m staring at the darkness,
Nowhere else to go
I’m lost and alone now
Have to survive on my own.


Poem #6: Silence

Usually I will be silent beside you
Because the words won’t be enough
Lost, they need to keep on talking
But your presence is enough for us


Poem #7: Keep The Earth Alive

Once upon a time,

Everything was fine.

The earth and animals,

Lived happily.


Humans came along

And for all our smarts,

We treat the earth,



We take and do

Whatever we please

But this is wrong

This needs to change.


Keep the earth

Alive for me

We need to treat her



Without the earth

We would all die

So help the earth

Then we all survive.


Keep the earth alive

Then we all survive.

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