I’m a creator of worlds, a daydreamer. I bleed my soul out, to put words on a page.

I dream of people that are wondrous, creative and intelligent, the people I wish I knew.

I put myself out there, reveal my true self to others, the most inner thoughts, hopes, dreams and values.

I fill blank computer screens with words, paper with ideas, and my head with dreams.

In short, I write stories and share them with you.


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Okay, seriously, who am I?

I’m Ajay Hayward, a human with a serious love of good books, movies, music and food.

I’m a Web Designer in-training, blogger, graphic designer, and of course, writer. 🙂

Human | Artist | World Citizen | Coder | Writer | INFP-T | Technerd | Foodie | ⚧ | Star Wars Geek |

I love to create stories and daydream endlessly.

My current location is Grid Four, Capital City, Lothal, Lothal Sector, The Outer Rim. 🙂

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My Mottos:

No regrets, remorse, don’t hold on. No no, No I’ve got to go.

If you haven’t got anything nice, interesting or insightful to say, shut the h*** up.

My Favourite Things

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Digital Illustration, Gaming, Daydreaming

Favourite Authors: JK Rowling | Rick Riordan | John Flanagan |

Favourite Books: Star Wars Novels & Comics | Well-Written YA Novels | The Ever Afters Series |

Favourite Electronic Music Artists: Kygo | Alan Walker | Black Summer | Vexento | Petit Biscuit | Kidswaste | Tobu | Ahrix | Malmen | Steerner | Mome | Avicii | Calvin Harris | Shallou

Favourite Artists: Jack Johnson | Mumford & Sons | First Aid Kit | Coldplay | Adib Sin | John Mayer | Busby Marou | Paul Kelly | The Lumineers | Of Monsters And Men | Passenger |

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